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Section 32 Episode 1.2
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Collin Brennan's Section 32
Episode 1.2
Threat Emerged

Mike grinned and took another bite of the pizza before him."All right, you got me there.  I guess that was a good story," he confessed.
Colin laughed.  "Yeah, I know it was.  And I'm modest too."
"Beating up robbers, saving the cities, stopping madmen who like to kill us.  You know, our job gets so repetitive.  I mean these people can't even get their lines straight.  It's the same, 'I'm gonna kill you stupid metal people!' every time.  If this is what she meant by 'saving the world' Colin, then this is pretty lame.  When are we going to have a challenge?"  Kristen wondered aloud.
"I don't know.  I just don't know.  Does it look like I have all the answers?  Cause' I don't.  Maybe things will pick up soon," Colin commented.
"I don't know about you guys, but I don't want things to pick up.  Playing superhero as a past time is fine by me.  I don't want to be hired onto this team as full time.  That and the possibility of death scares me.  What are we going to do if one of us dies in the line of duty?  Our parents don't know we do this for a second living.  What would we say?" Lauren said. 
The room fell silent.  No one had an answer.
"I don't know Lauren.  Hopefully it will never happen," Colin said.  He looked down to his watch and grimaced.  "Ah geez, it's ten o'clock.  I think it's time to pack up shop for the night and go home."
"Agreed, let's just blow this popsicle stand," Mike joked.  The four got up, cleaned off the table, and left the darkened room.

11:00 PM, Somewhere else in Pottsville
Jessica tossed and turned in her bed.  Her dreams were haunting her like no tomorrow.  She tossed back her short blond hair as she rolled over to her left and groaned.  Her parents slowly opened the door to her room and looked inside.
"Honey, do you think she's all right?" her dad said to her mom.
"Yeah, it's just a dream.  We should really get to bed," her mom replied. 
They closed the door to her room silently, and Jessica continued to dream on.

Jessica ran down a black hallway, looking for an exit.  She was scared; she didn't know where she was.  She had never been here before, but it was almost like she should have been here before.  All she wanted was to escape though, before it was too late.
"Stop right there!" a man in a black outfit called after her. 
She ducked behind a corner as a gunshot went off.  She breathed hard and looked around the corner in fright.  They were lining up, trying to block her escape.  She turned back around and concentrated, trying to think logically on how to escape.  As she wandered in deep thought, her body felt different.  She began to tingle all over, like someone was shaking her really quickly, or one of those massaging chairs.
She opened her eyes and saw something completely different.  Everything was in green and blue.  She could see down the hallways like it was day, and she felt powerful.  She slinked down onto her four legs, and stealthily looked around the corner.  They were still blocking her exit.  Excellent.
She barreled around the corner with blinding speed, roaring.  The men dressed in their black outfits looked at her in fright. 
"Cheetah!! Cheetah!!!" the one screamed.  The commander backed off.
"It's the crystal of transformation!  Run!" he yelled. 
The men dropped their weapons and began to bolt down the hallway as Jessica chased them.

Jessica bolted out of her bed in a sweat.  She looked around; she was in her own room and not some weird place.  She flopped back down onto her bed and sighed.
"Why can't I do that in real life?" she wondered aloud. 
She got up and looked out the window to see the city.  She looked at the lights below, and the stars above and wished to be a more powerful and assertive person than she was.
Jessica was a tall girl, tall and thin.  People that knew her compared her to a stick figure frequently.  She was wild, but quiet around people she didn't know too well, and that's what she wanted to change.  She didn't want to be so afraid to speak around those she didn't know.  She wanted to be something more, something like that mysterious CyberSlash girl who saved those 10 hostages, or that PowerCharge girl who could wrap people up in some sort of force.  She wanted to be on with Section 32, whoever they were.
Jessica got up and crawled back into bed.  She curled up underneath her covers and fell back asleep.  As she slept, her orange and spotted black tail fell out from underneath the covers.  It wagged for a second, and then went limp.

Thursday, 8:15 AM, Pottsville Area High School: Mr. Schneider's Classroom
Lauren looked up to the whiteboard in the classroom and barely focused on the equation f(x) = f(x-1) + 3x.  She was still tired from last night and really didn't want to be bothered by math.
Mike was struggling to get the Algebra 2 Honors homework done before Mr. Schneider called on him to give some sort of an answer.  He forgot to do it last night, because he was so raring to go out to the base and do the night shift.
Colin's head was playing a balancing act on the left wall, right next to where he sat.  The first row of desks was pushed right up against the old chalkboard that was inscribed with many different forms of graffiti, such as the one that said "Craig '02" or the more threatening one that said "Schneider Blows".
"Now for number 12, Colin would you do that for us?" Mr. Schneider said. 
Colin's head flew off the wall in fright and he looked down to his half done homework to find that he didn't do any evens.  Colin cursed underneath his breath and quickly looked to the last one.
"F of X is equal to three point two four?" Colin said. 
Mr. Schneider gave him a sideways glance and looked to the rest of the class.
"Aubrei?  Would you try it?" he said. 
Aubrei looked to her sheet and then back to Mr. Schneider.
"F of X is equal to two?" she asked.
"Yes, of course, F of X is equal to two.  Number 13?" Mr. Schneider continued. 
He was cut off by an announcement from the principal.
"Pardon the interruption...." Mr. Wagner began to state.
Jessica looked up from her work in Spanish class and halfway listened to the announcement.  It seemed that a bunch of girls were being called to the clinic. 
She put her head back down to look at her work when she heard, "And Jessica Zane, to the clinic please.  That is all.  Thank you," before the intercom clicked off.
Jessica looked bewildered for a second, and then packed up her things.  "Why would they want me?" she wondered as she left the classroom.
"Well, if the principal says that there is some sort of vaccination thing going on, then I cannot complain.  Girls who were called, I think you should leave," Mr. Schneider said.
Lauren frowned at the announcement and looked around.  "Why on Earth wouldn't Mr. Schneider be notified of such an announcement?  Wouldn't the faculty be told when something like this happens?" she thought. 
She looked over to Colin, who could do nothing but shrug back and continue paying attention to the class.

In the Clinic
"And what sort of vaccine is this again?" Mrs. Tobash, the school nurse, asked the doctor dressed in the white lab coat carrying a large medical box.
"It's a vaccine to help out against the flu this season.  You know, winter can really shock your immune system," the doctor said.
"But why those girls?" Mrs. Tobash shot back.
"Um...Well, you see that each of them were primary candidates for this drug.  It is new and quite powerful, and each of them has a history of getting sick in the winter.  White Labs is just trying to help out a bit in the local school districts.  Now if you would be so kind to leave me to my business," the doctor said as he got out a hypodermic needle.
"Well, ok doctor, if you say you don't need the help....  I'll be down sorting my files in the office, if you need me," Mrs. Tobash said before she left the small clinic. 
The doctor got out a black cellular phone and hit a button before putting it up to his ear.
"Yes Mr. Darkblade, everything is going under orders.  We called those girls down, and I'm about to administer the test mind control drug," he said into the phone.
"Good work.  I'm quite pleased," Rowen said back.  "Hopefully, if this works on the girls we selected, then we can move to phase two and use it against that pathetic union of S32.  Having them under our control would be quite pleasing.  Call me back when you succeed," Rowen said before hanging up the phone.
Commander Darkblade kicked his heels up onto his desk like he was on top of the world.  In front of him were the profiles of the girls selected.
"All strong, all smart, and all in Pottsville.  Section 32 will have no chance if this drug actually takes affect properly.  And once we infect their girls with the EVE virus, then the male unit of Section 32 will fall to their knees.  They wouldn't hurt their friends," he laughed.  "And once ADAM is complete, we'll just have the girls work their magic with the guys. HA HA HA!  Check and mate Lord CyberStrike!" Rowen laughed before throwing a dart into a picture of CyberStrike holding up his sword proudly at the other end of the room.
10:57 AM, Pottsville Area High School: Cafeteria
"Jessica, you don't look too well," Maeve said to her friend as she sat down at the table.
"Yeah, I know, I just haven't been feeling like myself after that vaccination thing.  You know, I have this strange pain in my chest, and this burning feeling through out my body," Jessica said in a very worried tone.
The mock doctor looked into the cafeteria and looked at the girls he "vaccinated".  "Damn, none of them are taking any commands.  Maybe EVE doesn't work after all.  I better tell Commander Darkblade before he has my head on a plate and served in Area 51," the doctor thought.
"So, you're the guy from that new laboratory with that new vaccination?" Mr. Fries, the conductor of the band said to the doctor. 
The doctor turned around to see the prim and proper Mr. Fries standing in the doorway on cafeteria duty.
"Why yes, yes I am.  Now if you will excuse me sir, I will be leaving your nice high school.  I have a busy schedule to keep with the other school districts, and I was just making sure that the girls were all right," he said before going through the doorway, down the hall, up the steps at the end of the hall, and out the door into the courtyard in the back of the school.
Mr. Fries watched him and shrugged to himself.  "I just wanted to ask him what the vaccination did," he said to himself.
"Jess, you better go to Mrs. Tobash.  You really don't look well at all, and with your symptoms," Maeve said with a concerned look.
"Maybe you're right.  I just feel like I'm on some sort of a roller coaster of ups and downs," Jessica said before leaving.
Jess walked up the steps at the other end of the cafeteria to the first floor.  As she passed the girls room, she felt a sudden upset in her stomach.  She quickly turned, fearing the worst, and ran into the bathroom and to a stall.
"God, I hope I don't puke today.  I have a chem. test," she feared. 
Suddenly, all the pain and burning feelings stopped in her body.  She felt better.
"That was weird," she said to herself.  She looked down at her hands and immediately jumped backwards and almost fainted.  They were becoming swollen and black.  They began to tingle, and her fingernails became long, pointed, and black.
"What is happ-ppp-en-ing to me!?!" she stuttered and screamed as the black color ran up her arms.  Her arms felt like Jello and they began to extend until her hands, now so large that they could wrap around the chest of a human, hit the floor.  Pain ran all about her arms and legs and chest, and she could do nothing but scream at the changes before she blacked out....

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