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Section 32 Episode 1.1
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Episode 1.1
The Night of Burning Colors
by Colin Brennan

"Remember when we got our crystals and suits?" Lauren asked as she leaned back into her seat and took a sip of the hot chocolate in front of her. She pushed back her brown hair and looked to her good friend Kristen across the table, but they werent alone.


Sitting to Kristen's left, there was a young boy with spiked up, short brown hair. He kicked back and put his feet up onto the table and reached for his tall glass of Coke and took a large gulp. "Long time ago... Was that three years ago?" Colin asked.


"Yeah Colin, it was three years ago. It almost seems like yesterday, doesn't it?" Kristen replied. Her blond hair was short, and her skin was somewhat pale in the light as she looked onward to her friends. She smiled a bit at the thought and a small laugh came out from her mouth. "I cant believe my ignorance back then."


"I dont think you really have to worry. Identity confidence, who cares? No one knows who we are, yet Section 32 is like a part of the community now. Everyone loves CyberStrike, ChronoTwist, CyberSlash, and PowerCharge. No one hates us, well, except for our enemies, like the criminals of Pottsville. Our public relations are up, aren't they?" Mike asked from the opposite side of the table. He pushed his blue tinted glasses up onto his face and took another bite of his pizza. "I think I had the best experience with finding my crystal though," he continued with his mouth full.


"Nah, everyone knows I had the best. I was the first out of all of you, and first always gets the best time," Colin commented.


"Ok Mister. Tell us," Kristen commanded.


"All right, I will," Colin said. And with that, he began his story.




The doorbell rang and Andrew walked out of the living room and to the door leading into his house. He opened the door to find Colin on the other side, standing with a backpack, a gym bag, and a sleeping bag in a big pile. He laughed and invited his friend into the house, and helped him with his piles of stuff.


"Big sleepover tonight, we are gonna have so much fun. Did you rent Scream I and II?" Colin asked.


Andrew looked up from putting Colin's stuff with the other pile of stuff and laughed as his blue eyes locked onto Colins brown eyes. "Yeah, but I dont know why. Scream really sucks big time."


"So? Thats even better. There's nothing cooler than making fun of horror movies. Especially the bad ones."


"Hey Colin's here! Great, we can start Dungeons and Dragons!" came a deep voice from the kitchen in the next room. A tall, large guy walked through the doorframe carrying a bowl of chips in one hand, and a bowl of pretzels in the other.


"Aaron, please dont eat everything at once," Andrew said as he viewed the double bowls.


"I got it under control Smink," Aaron replied.


Right as Aaron sat down onto the couch, two more guys appeared out of the kitchen. One was darker skinned than the other, like he was from some tropical area. The other was almost pale if you were to compare the two. They were both the same stout medium build, and they had the same black hairstyle.


"Safety," Fred called, then proceeding to run around the room to waft the disgusting smell to everyone else. Fred then sat down and put his dark colored hand to work in stealing Aarons cache of pretzels.


"That was... Well... Uncalled for... But wickedly funny!" Ryan said as he put his sleeping bag out with his pillow.


"So, who's gonna be DM?" Aaron asked.


"I guess me as usual. Im always DM," Fred replied. He went over to his bag and pulled out the three rulebooks for D&D. Andrew and Colin ran around trying to get pencils and paper so they could begin.



12:32 AM


The group of five had fallen asleep and were sprawled across the ground of the large living room in a random fashion. Aaron sounded like a buzz saw in the otherwise normally quiet area. Fred kept tossing and turning in the night, like he was having a bad dream. And in the middle of it all, Colin lept up from his slumber and looked around in a shocked manner.


"What was that?" he whispered to himself. He got up and walked over to the fireplace to get his black-framed glasses. He slipped them onto his face and walked into the kitchen area. Towards the back of the kitchen he found what he was looking for, the large bay window that looked out onto Andy's backyard.


The sky was dark and alit with stars. The moon was a sliver of silver in the sky, but still lighting up the clouds with a silver tint. Colin sighed; he really didn't know what was going on and why he was looking outside.


A green flash, though, peaked his interest. He could have sworn that he had just seen a green bolt shoot across the sky. He spun around quickly to get his friends when he came face to face with Andrew, a very sleepy Andrew.


"Colin, what are you doing up? Are the squirrels dancing outside again?" Andrew asked with a yawn.


"Smink! This is no time for squirrels or their dances. I just saw some weird colored comet shoot across the sky in that direction!" he said as he pointed out the window. As Andy looked, his eyes widened, too. The two boys witnessed a fiery red bolt of light shoot across the sky as well.


"I see you aren't kidding. And even better is that I dont have to pay to see any of this. Lets get Fred, Aaron and Ryan," Andrew said.  Aaron could sleep through Armageddon...


"Ill go outside and watch for the comets again. Maybe another will pass over us," Colin replied. He pushed open the back door and ran outside in the lawn with his bare feet. He ran up to the fence at the end of the yard and flung open the gate. He was standing on Howard Avenue, the widest street in Pottsville. He looked up, getting a great view of the sky, and tried to find what he was seeking.


Andrew, Fred, and Ryan ran up to Colin and they got in some sort of a line across the street. "What are we looking for again? A comet light show?" Fred asked with some disbelief.


"Yeah, something like that. Im not sure what it was," Colin replied.


"I think I'm paying to see it!" Andrew said in a semi-scared tone. As they looked to their left, it was like a rainbow of comets was flying across the sky over Pottsville. There were bolts of every color imaginable in the rainbow of comets. There were greens to blues to violets to oranges, everything. And then, in a loud bang, they began to split apart for some strange reason.


"What the hell is happening?" Ryan yelled. The comets began to shoot down all over Pottsville like a colored rain. And to make things worse, four comets began to change direction and point over towards Howard Avenue. The four guys were paralyzed.


"We should run really fast right now!! Shouldnt we?!?" Fred yelled.


"I don't want to move, I want to watch" Colin replied, watching the comet come closer.


"This is nuts! Were gonna die from being hit by a random comet! What sort of epitaph is that?!" Ryan yelled.


"Well be fine..." Colin said in a matter of fact voice. "She told me we would be fine, and that we should stand here..." It was clear that the guy was zoning out.


The red bolt shot down from above and slammed into Andrews chest. He went flying backwards down the street. "Andrew!!!" Fred yelled backwards. He spun around was we immediately met by an orange comet that as well hit him in the chest. He flew into the nearest tree and slumped to the ground.


"NO!!!" Ryan yelled as he began to run. The blue comet changed course and flew around in front of him, making him stop and look face to face with it. Then, the blue comet shot into his chest, and blood went everywhere. He fell to the ground, no questions asked.


"Come to me! I shall serve you well, my mistress!!" Colin yelled up to the remaining green comet. His eyes turned a green color and his insane smile on his face began to speak two different body languages. A part of him really wanted to run, but it was clear the other half was almost being possessed.


The bolt shot from above and aimed for his chest. Colin looked into the comet, and looked directly as the green crystal enclosed in the tip of the energy trail met with his chest.


A green explosion of energy went off, and all of time seemed to grind to a halt. The crystal did not pierce his chest, but it stopped right in front. Colin looked forward, and a beautiful lady came down from above, into the stopped world.


She was dressed in a long angelic looking neon green gown. Her skin was a pale green, and her lips and eyes a vibrant, ever changing color. Her hair was like fiber optics, lit with an eternal green color that would never go away. Her great wings were almost hologram like, they had no substance, but looked as if they were made from a gigantic laser sheet. She smiled at Colin, and Colin smiled back.


"My lady, you have come," Colin said, kneeling.


"Rise my most faithful! It is by your duty to protect this world. Do you accept?" she commanded.


"Protect it from what?" Colin asked.


"That you shall see. Do you accept my offer?" she asked again.


"Yes, yes I do!" Colin pleaded.


"Then rise, Lord of CyberSpace. Your request is granted," she said. She pulled from the world a neon green sword. It was long and curved; it had to be a katana. She touched both of Colins shoulders and then his head, where a symbol of a C being stuck out by an S appeared. She dropped the sword, and it flew to Colins hands, and he raised it up, almost by instinct.


Around him curled a suit of mechanical armor. It was a dark silver battle suit, made for heavy punishment by energy weapons. In the flexible areas, he had a black Kevlar suit underneath to protect his body, but to allow movement. He had black gloves on his hands, and it felt quite comfortable when holding his sword.


His spiked up hair grew in length and spiked outwards even more as it turned a bright green color. Colin moved his free hand through it, like an instinct, as a band of energy appeared around his head. The green energy transformed into a metal headband that held a green plastic monocle over his left eye. The monocle began to display information that he had no clue what it meant, but he knew it was fine. The suit became energized and he felt movement, an almost totally burdenless amount of movement. The symbol on his forehead disappeared, and was engraved into his left shoulder, right next to the swoosh of metal that seemed to resemble his mistresss wings. He had one swoosh on both sides of his suit, sort of like a status symbol of some sort.


As the lady began to fly back up to the heavens, Colin waved to her. He spun his sword around and quickly landed it into his backsheath, where it was locked in and kept safe.

"I shall protect the world, my lady, as CyberStrike! And you shall never have to worry!" he called to her. She turned around and smiled.


Time resumed again, the suit disappeared quickly and the crystal pierced his chest. Colin felt the pain, but he accepted it. Blood went down his shirt and hand as he lay on the ground. He didnt care.


9:20 AM, the next day


Colin looked out to the world on his deck. He had awoken in Andrews house without a single scratch on him. He wondered how he had gotten back into Sminks house, because he couldnt remember walking back. And that wound was really a powerful wound, but there was no mark on his chest or anything. He looked out at the sun and blue sky and wondered.


"Did it happen? Did it really happen?" he asked himself. He knew the answer immediately.



Copyright 2002

reset May 1st 2002

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