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This is a non-profit venture.
No copyright infringement is intended.
All individual pieces (stories, fanfic, art) located on this website are copyright by their creator(s).   They may not be reproduced or used in any other way elsewhere without the express written permission of the author or artist.
All artwork is credited to the artists where noted when possible. 
If you recognize any contribution or artwork on this site that is not properly attributed to the artist or writer thereof, please contact the editor.
References to and use of corporate trademarked and copyrighted names, images, etc are all used without permission and not for profit. 

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NEW SITE! | Home | Current Feature | Interviews | Reviews | Artwork | AV Images  | Mailbag | Contact | Fiction & More | Guestbook & Forum | Links/Misc | Librivox Mike's Blog | Like this site? | Credits

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