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Tales of the Blissful Dancing Fat Kid
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Tales of the Blissful Dancing Fat Kid
 "Our Worlds 
  At War" 

Humbly submitted by

Imperiex strides through NYC, creating chaos, havoc, still more chaos, and not to mention an occasional broken fire hydrant.
Batman - "Ah.  I have just the protocol for this, you simply -- "
Imperiex backhands Batman across the city, where he crashes (midair) into Martian Man-hunter, Wonder Woman and Kyle Rayner, the Green Lantern.  The four of them crash right through the Empire State building and into the harbor.  Not to worry, Plastic Man turns himself into a large rubber ducky and paddles out to retrieve them.
Superman - "Okay Imperiex, you may have destroyed a whole bunch of other worlds but you blew it when you decided to pick on --"
WHAP - Superman is punched into orbit.
Aquaman - "Glad I'm MIA!"
Plastic Man - "Can anybody stand up to the unstoppable power of Imperiex?!"
The mob flees in terror.  Terry is trampled by the mob, then sits up --
"I'm okay!" 
Imperiex finishes the job with one two ton foot step and a large SPLAT noise.
Terry (muffled) "I'm not okay..."
Imperiex looks at the carnage and laughs his non-smiling no-sense-of-humor non-laugh.
He spots something with his special Imperiex goggles.  One boy.  In the rubble.  Dancing merrily away.
Imperiex - "Cower before me, mortal!  I come to lay waste to your world!"
The boy, rather over weight, continues dancing blissfully in the dusty air.
Imperiex - "Kneel before the might of Imperiex, the destroyer of worlds! (no relation to Galactus.  ~TM Marvel Entertainment Inc., All Rights Reserved.~  No sir.  Galactus EATS worlds. Big difference.)"
The boy dances his gorilla dance like no one is watching.
Imperiex raises his finger to interrupt, but the boy dances on.
Imperiex - "Oh to heck with it."
The titan from the war planet suddenly begins dancing the odd gorilla dance himself.
The blissful dancing fat kid produces a peculiar wand.
Imperiex - "What's that little fella?  A baton?"
Blissful opens his eyes just long enough to aim the BOOM TUBE -- and with a crackle of energy that hasn't looked as good since Jack Kirby's era -- BBBOOOOOMMMMM!!!
Imperiex is teleported back to the Big Bang and handily disposed of.
The crowds of grateful New Yorkers step out onto the street to thank him. 
But the lad  does not say
"You're welcome." 
He does not stop his special dance to answer any questions.  
The crowd watches him in silent awe, as he dances that odd dance down the boulevard and out of sight.
"Who was that kid?" the crowd mumbles.  "Does anybody know him?!"
From the impression of Imperiex's footprint Terry pulls his dusty face out of the ground --
"...I've seen him somewhere before..."
He was many blocks away by now.
The dancing kid did not need the crowd to cheer him. 
He did not need to be acknowledged. 
He had all that he needed, his youth, his fat, and his unique gorilla dance. 
And he was blissful. 
Oh, so blissful.

The Blissful Dancing Fat Kid is probably trademarked and copyrighted by someone, seeing as he is a creation within a comic book published by DC Comics.  No one here makes claim on the BDFK, we just really enjoy the concept.  So please don't sue us!

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