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Tales of the BDFK...
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by Hulk54!

Scene: Guardians' offspring sit, watching Earth from an alternate dimension.
Guardian 1: Brothers, I think it is time that we took an active role in the peace of the universe, just as our fathers did. Let us rebuild the corps!
Guardians: Here, here!
Guardian 1: Let us look upon Earth to see how the only remaining Lantern is doing...
Scene changes to a beautiful day in a park. Kyle and Jade are sitting on a bench talking. Blissful is dancing a mellow dance in the foreground.
Jade: Kyle, have you seen Terry around?
Kyle: not since the imperiex invasion last issue.
Jade I hope he's ok.
Blissful begins to pick up the pace of his dancing, while the Guardians look on...
Guardian 1: Brothers, do you see that kid? He dances like the wind. The current Green Lantern, even with the ring is no match for this chubby, bliss-filled youth artist!
Guardians: Bring the Blissful one!
A green light emanates from the small blue ones and Blissful finds himself transported to new OA just as his dancing reaches full intensity! He spins, jumps, dives, and sweats.
Apparently it is too much for the new Guardians to handle and they pass into a bliss-inspired sleep.
When they awake, they find Blissful winding down his dance just long enough to ask this question...
Guardian 1: Blissful dancing youth of girth, please take this ring and dance your hip dances now on a cosmic scale. Here... inspire us with your heroic dance...
Blissful jumps up and lands in the splits, but before he gets up, he looks into the eyes of the Guardians, takes the ring, and says...
Blissful: Boss
Blissful, now pulsing with green energy dances across the galaxy, mixing his art with universal energy...

The Blissful Dancing Fat Kid is probably trademarked and copyrighted by someone, seeing as he is a creation within a comic book published by DC Comics.  No one here makes claim on the BDFK, we just really enjoy the concept.  So please don't sue us!

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