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The Blissful Dancing Fat Kid!
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 No one can stop 
 the groove!
When The music plays,
and my feet begin to move,

let blissless people tremble,
at the Blissfulness of my groove,

No matter what the music,
no matter what the cost,

I'll dance like no one's looking!
because I know my dance is BOSS!
- The Blissful Dancing Fat Kid -

The Blissful One!

Just what is this phenomena known as
The Blissful Dancing Fat Kid ?
Well, for those who frequent the
specifically the
you will need little introduction into the world of the Blissful One.
He is fast becoming one of the most popular background characters in comics today! (And with only ONE appearance under his hefty belt!)
And all due to his
blissful outlook on life!
We should all be so lucky!

Remastered Pictures of The Blissful One's appearance.
here and here!

The Blissful One

Click here to read the first of the
Tales of the
Blissful Dancing Fat Kid 
"Our Worlds At War"
Humbly submitted by
Silver Age Adam!
submitted by Hulk54!

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The Blissful Dancing Fat Kid is probably trademarked and copyrighted by someone, seeing as he is a creation within a comic book published by DC Comics.  No one here makes claim on the BDFK, we just really enjoy the concept.  So please don't sue us!

reset May 1st 2002

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